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Our history

Agrigama Srl was born from the union of the skills acquired by Monica and Sandro in over 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector, both in agricultural and livestock production and in the marketing of technical means for agriculture.


The company, through an excellent knowledge of the sector and the market, is able to offer the best products and supplies in the sector to customers, supporting them in a personalized choice that meets their needs.

We are also in possession of the APR patent for drones up to 25 kg and we use the technology of aerial shots, creating photos and videos, as well as monitoring and photogrammetry.


Agrigama Srl professionally carries out its commercial activity in the Italian and foreign market, supplying fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and anything else useful for agricultural production.

With a light and dynamic structure, we work quickly to offer adequate responses to customer needs.


Customer satisfaction, quality of service, responsibility, trust, constancy and respect are our fundamental principles.

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